Winter Rentals

Wondering what you can do for a multi day camping trip! We can set you up with multi day trips from 2 days to 6 days!!!


Check out this article below for one of our most popular experiences from blogger Leigh Mcadam!


For further information about how we can help you with rentals and or shuttles call us at 403-821-0229, or reach out through our contact us page.


A Weekend Canoe Trip On The Red Deer River

Red Deer River Adventures – Rental and tours on the Red Deer River


Red Deer River Adventures offers kayak and canoe rentals and guided tours on the Red Deer River. Join us on a tour of the scenic Red Deer River in the badlands of central Alberta or rent a kayak or canoe and experience the stunning scenery and unique geology of the area.
We are located at Newcastle Beach in Drumheller, Alberta.


OPEN 7 DAYS a WEEK (May- October) weather and conditions permitting

8 am - 7pm. Returns are due by: 7:00 pm July and August

10 am - 5 pm. Returns are due by 4:30pm September - October (after labourday weekend)

Located at 980 2nd Ave W, Drumheller, AB, T0J 0Y2
(Newcastle Beach).

Call- (403)-821-0229 to speak with us directly.


Red Deer River Adventures

Paddle Your Way Through The Badlands!

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red deer river adventures



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