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    RDRA Sharpening:

Bring your skates to Red Deer River Adventures for sharpening. We will sharpen,profile, and repair your skates for your next skate out on the ice! For any hardware replacement like blades, please provide hardware and our tachnicians will do the work for you! We sharpen all skates including Hockey, Goalie, and figure skates. We take pride in our sharpening so when you contact us let us know your hollow depth prefered and if you need profiling done, let us know how you need them profiled. Scroll to bottom for some details on hollow and profile preferences.



To get your skates sharpened today contact us at 403-821-0229. Phone or text "SHARP" to set up a time for your sharpening today!


Pricing includes all provided services with no extra fees.

    Regular Sharpening: $8.00

    5 pack of sharpenings: $30.00


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Hollow: The hollow is the space between the two edges of your skate blade. The measurement is the radius of the depth of your sharpening. The shallower it is, the more glide and speed you will have. The deeper it is, the more control in turns you will have. Depth of your hollow also may be determined based on your preference as a skater, so if you are not sure have a discusion with the technician and we will figure out what might be best for you. If you don't know we will send you out with our standard 1/2" hollow and from there we will make sure to ask questions when you come back to see if this is appropriate for you or if we need to go shallower or deeper.


Profiling: The skate blades profile determins the skaters centre of gravity with the amount of skate to ice contact surface area. In short, the less blade touching the ice, with a greater rocker, allows for more agility on the ice. This is usually prefered by skaters taking fewer quicker strides, and possibly turning sharply while chasing the puck behind the net, or for making quick turns on the ice. The more blade and less angled rocker allows for longer strides for greater speed in a straight line. Think about speed skaters, they have flat blades allowing for greater surface area on the ice, allowing for greater speeds. RDRA sharpening can profile for you at 7ft, 9ft, 10ft, and 11ft. This is the radius that you would turn on the ice, for example with a 7 ft radius profile, you would turn in a tighter circle than with an 11 ft radius profile. Be sure to discuss with our technician, and let them know if you already have a prefered profile and what that is. Profiling should be done once or twice a year, unless you are a hockey player skating a whole lot, then look at 3 to 4 times a year. Profiling should also be done to make sure that your skate blades remain equal in size for a safe smooth skate all year long. Don't know your profile? Then our technician will do their best to figure it out, and at least profile to our standard 9 ft and discuss with you upon your return to see if you have any other preferences.

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